Advertising Opportunities

We strongly believe that in order to bring the best music available to the public a very basic form of filtering must be applied to our content. This means that there are only two ways to get featured on this blog.

We Find You:

We strive to bring the best content, news, gossip, and updates the hip hop world has to offer. This means that if we find you and believe you are really making a difference or contributing to the industry in a positive way you will get posted in a feature blog presentation. The fact that we screen everything so thoroughly and use our readers feedback to filter through the mess of the industry give us the authority as a blog. When we find you and feature you in the main feature content your music gets the lended credibility it deserves and people notice.

You Find Us:

If you have come across us and believe as strongly as we do, that representing the urban and hip hop community in it’s best light is what we should all strive to accomplish, then you will appreciate the program we offer. As you know it takes time to filter through the noise to bring the best to the public. Time is money in this industry and we all have to eat and keep a roof over our head. But we understand the importance of affordability and exposure. That is why our advertising program is the best in the league. You must meet certain criteria before we even ask you for your hard earned money. The bottom line is this. We strive to be the best in our field and in order to maintain that we must offer the best back to our readers. As an artist you know how important it is to invest in your future. If you feel strongly that you have what it takes to make it and the music you offer is the best it can be then fill out the form below and let us get in touch with you. We will listen with an honest ear and provide you with the feedback you need to build on your talents and hone your skills. Our team has over 20 years in the business and can definitely point you in the right direction. If we feel like your music is strong enough to promote then we can offer you the following:

Package Cost Exposure
Featured write up to be posted permanently $99.00 Unlimited Potential
Side Bar Media Ad $24.99/mo 30 000 + Views
Header Banner Ad $9.99/2 weeks Up To 15000 Views


If you have any questions leave them in the comments below.


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