Bando Jonez Ft. Twista x B.o.B x T-Pain – Sex You (Remix)

Oh no.

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Polow da Don’s RnB protege Bando Jonez reaches out to Twista, B.o.B & T-Pain for the remix to his slow burner of a track ‘Sex You’.

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Review of Lupe Fiasco’s “Mission”

Definitely a must listen.


When scrolling through the “newly released” section of your chosen music provider, the name Lupe Fiasco is always a welcome one. Fiasco almost always brings a breath of fresh air with an unconventional flow and controversial lyrics. In “Mission”, Lupe takes quite a different tack, mixing his usual choppy and endearingly erratic flow with a struggle to which almost everyone can relate. 

Unlike “Words I Never Said” before it, “Mission” does not take any sort of political stance. Obama, Israel, and campaign finance are all spared as the first words that come through the listener’s earbuds are cancer testimonials from several survivors. Hearing about individuals who struggled with and overcame everything from breast cancer to Hodgkin’s Lymphoma confirms what Lupe’s “Mission” really is about: survival. These stories comprise over a minute of a six minute, which is certainly no small feat for a major single. 

Following these narratives is a brief…

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The Citrus Clouds Feat. Bartoven – Fire Exits

What a smoov joint. Impressive production. Worth a listen.

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To be honest I’ve never heard of The Citrus Clouds before but after hearing their new track ‘Fire Exits’ today, I’m glad I stumbled upon the London producers! The single features some complimentary velvet tones from singer Bartoven who rides the dreamy sounding production to perfection and leaves us excited to see what they will come up with next.

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Snoop Dogg Confronts 50 Cent About Unfollowing Him On Instagram

Oh my goodness, what next, unfriending?! What has this world come to!?

Futuristically Yours

Based on actual events

Meanwhile at the South By Southwest conference …

Snoop – Yo cuz why you unfollowed me on Instagram? I know it ain’t because of the nails? I told you about that.
50 – Nah. Snoop, you know I only follow 5 people. When I started following you, your posts was coming so rapid, it flooded my timeline. I had to get you up off there.
Snoop – Why don’t you follow some more people, so we don’t have that problem then, nephew?
50 Cent – Why don’t you stop posting 15, 20 times a day?
Dick Costolo – *sensing the tension* Guys, guys, guys. It’s not that serious. It’s just social media. Y’all cool in real life.
Snoop – Wait a minute! Cuz this all your damn fault anyway.
Dick Costolo – What?
50 – Yeah, if you stop testing the Twitter Mute button in markets…

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Justin Bieber Robs Woman in Front of Daughter!


As routine as the headline suggests Bieber ended up in another public altercation at a mini golf course.

During the altercation the woman running the joint steps in and was seen with her phone.

Justin demanded the phone and when the woman refused he took it from her purse. All allegedly to erase photos of himself in another public ruckas.

To make matters worse the woman’s young daughter was present for the whole display and had to tell Bieber to leave.

When will the madness stop? This punk kid is ruining the image of Canadian artists and making a mockery of the industry. Hopefully he’ll find himself locked up one day and we won’t have to deal with his public cries for attention.