Quincy Jones on Michael Jackson

I listened to this whole interview a couple days ago and think that any real artists should tune in. There are a lot of gems in here so listen close. This is just one of the videos if the full interview so take a peek an if your really interested go to the Q blog and watch the whole thing.

Q on MJ

Q Blog



Elliott Wilson – Winning At Social Media Branding

elliot wilsonIs social media branding as complicated for you as it is for the rest of the world? Well don’t feel bad. There is hope. Here are a few tips from the Social Media Branding man himself. The self-proclaimed “GOAT of Hip Hop journalism” Elliot Wilson reveals tips on how to be successful on social media.

  • Be Organic
  • Find Your Own Voice
  • Remain Confident, Sincere, and Honest
  • Remember to ‘Log Off’ Sometimes
  • Join The Community
  • Respect Other Voices
  • Don’t Talk AT People, Talk TO Them

Seems pretty simple right? Well at least its a start. Always remember to be true to your vision and constantly share and engage with the community where you fit best. The rest will come naturally.