Katy And Juicy Stole Something From The Chritians!


Looks Like a lawsuit was filed by Flame (Marcus Gray), Lecrae (Lecrae Moore), Da’ T.R.U.T.H. (Emanuel Lambert) and producer Chike Ojukwu, claiming that Katy Perry’s song is a rip-off of the Christian music song “Joyful Noise” from Christian rapper Flame’s album “Our World Redeemed.”

Take a listen here.

Now, your going to have to be the judge of that. But in my opinion it sounds like there was a string of 3 of the 8 possible notes available, used in a combination, not unlike pretty much every other string of 3 notes used in succession in a thousand other songs. Close but no cigar, ahem, rosary I mean.

What do you think?


New Record Out Of Canada

Browsing through the cloud we stumbled upon this.

Fresh new joint from the Canadian rapper Will Haze – Voicemail

Definitely worth goin through the library.


What do you think?

Adopting “Black Culture” Absolves Your Racist Actions…

According to Mack Maine as long as you cool with black people you’re no really racist despite what racist comments you may publicly make.

In my opinion there is no room for the douche bags hiding in the shadows looking for a small out of context sound bite to take and use as a career boost.

People are people. We’re all idiots. The only real truth is that none of us actually know anything.

Think for yourselves people.


New Hip Hop Doc – The Message


This month is black music month on BET and they’re launching a four-part documentary series called THE MESSAGE. It’s a narrative that examines the evolution of hip-hop and goes on to describe the influence of the sub culture in America.

Stephen Hill, president of Music Programming and Specials says, “Hip hop is a seed planted and nourished amongst the ‘broken glass everywhere’ of mid-70s New York. It has grown to be a worldwide phenomenon and the dominant culture of at least one generation,” He continues by adding “This exciting series examines the origin and the path of the music and message, taking care to objectively analyze its factions and movements.”

I find it ironic that the doc title coincides with several mixtapes and albums that have been released in the recent months. Must be a good title to go with. Rappers take notes.

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