Review of Lupe Fiasco’s “Mission”

Definitely a must listen.


When scrolling through the “newly released” section of your chosen music provider, the name Lupe Fiasco is always a welcome one. Fiasco almost always brings a breath of fresh air with an unconventional flow and controversial lyrics. In “Mission”, Lupe takes quite a different tack, mixing his usual choppy and endearingly erratic flow with a struggle to which almost everyone can relate. 

Unlike “Words I Never Said” before it, “Mission” does not take any sort of political stance. Obama, Israel, and campaign finance are all spared as the first words that come through the listener’s earbuds are cancer testimonials from several survivors. Hearing about individuals who struggled with and overcame everything from breast cancer to Hodgkin’s Lymphoma confirms what Lupe’s “Mission” really is about: survival. These stories comprise over a minute of a six minute, which is certainly no small feat for a major single. 

Following these narratives is a brief…

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