Hot Atlanta rapper FUTURE drops verse on Fly Boyz Team (FBT) new single “Count Bandz”

If you’ve been following FUTURE you don’t want to miss this.

Indie Celebrity Magazine 2015

FLY BOYZ TEAM link up with FUTURE on smash hit single ” COUNT BANDZ”

Nic “Deniro” Brewis, Jasper “J’Nyce” McCroskey, and Brandon “B’Ske” Jones make up the group FBT Fly Boyz Team. Hailing from the “The Shoals Area” of North Alabama, the Fly Boyz Team are heating up their region, and have emerged onto the scene as a sought after opening act for headliner events and venues. The FBT Movement is capturing the streets and mainstream audiences alike. The team consists of three childhood friends who have grown up in this music game and their sizzling chemistry is real and undeniable.

The new single “Count Bandz” features well known hot Atlanta rapper “Future” who is fresh off the release of his second album ‘Honest’, and, Super Producer K.E who has produced hit songs for Rick Ross, Chris Brown & other major artists . Together with talent on the lyrics, the…

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