Chris Tucker On Blast Mode

chris tucker, jay z, beyonce, solange, fight, elevator, worldstarChris Tucker puts the Jay Z/Solange incident in the crosshairs in a recent bit on his upcoming stand-up special. Heres a little peek.

Tucker rants “Ya’ll see the fight with Jay Z and…what’s her name?” he asks at the beginning “Alanz? She kicked everybody ass in that elevator. She was going off. Even her sister,Beyonce, was like, ‘Goddamn!’ She was kicking. Drop-kicking. She threw her purse.” he continues “But Jay Z cool as hell, he was fighting her cool. He still cool. Fighting her like this. ‘Yo B, you better get her. B.’ One time he flinched. He lost his cool that time…Jay Z was cool as hell.”

I guess you had to be there. I’ve ready funnier tweets in the little boys room.

But here. Have this.



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