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wshh, worldstarhiphop, world star hip hopWorld Star Hip Hop – The Best Place to Get Hip Hop Information?

If you are a serious hip hop music fan and need to find a place where you can catch up on all the latest hip hop action, then you want to check World Star Hip Hop. This website is designed with hip hop fans in mind and provides them music videos and entertainment that is geared toward the ‘urban community’. With news, videos, music and more, this is comprehensive website for all of your hip hop needs.

Videos seem to be a big attraction for people and World Star Hip Hop has plenty of them. They have a searchable database collection that you connect to when you join the site and as a member you will be able to learn about the videos and watch related video content as well. Just imagine how nice it would be to watch all of Jay-Z’s videos in one place without having to troll the Internet. You can search the database by video or artist and then watch the result. You can also chat with other users in the attached chat box and make new friends while you enjoy the latest in hip hop.

Currently World Star Hip Hop has over 508,000 fans with 78% of them being in the United States. It is considered a top 5,000 websites and while it is geared towards the urban community as a whole, its main demographic base is African American teen and young adult oriented, leaning slightly towards the ladies. People who enjoy Black Entertainment Television (BET) and shop at stores like Finish Line are most likely to be found frequenting a website such as this, based on the market research done prior to launching the website to the world.

Music videos aren’t the only thing showing up on World Star Hip Hop. All types of special interest videos are being mixed into the sites database. There are videos surrounding the current Presidential campaign – not surprising since Democratic candidate Barack Obama is African American – as well as entertainment and general interest videos. The database currently has over 40 pages of videos to look through, and that is before you even join the website to investigate the rest of the content available to members.

The site should definitely not be viewed by children under the age of 18 as there is some very adult content available on it just in the public areas. For example, if you click on the ‘WSHH Honey’s’ link at the top of the home page, you are taken to a web page that displays ladies in all states of undress including their videos showing why they should be considered a ‘WSHH Honey’. There are even instructions on the World Star Hip Hop site on how to submit your own video.

What is interesting to note is that while World Star Hip Hop is a membership site, it doesn’t seem to be any links on how to join. When you run your mouse over the website and text that talks about membership, it does not give you an option to click and join.

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