Flashback Friday: Top 3 Albums in the year 2000

What Are your top 3?

Remina Nair

The nostalgic sounds of noughties will revive this week with the rundown of my top 3 albums, released in the year 2000.

1) Eminem- The Marshall Mathers LP


Eminem’s album is the epiphany of rap, his lyrical complexity in combination with his disjointed rhyming patterns catapults him into the Hip Hop hall of fame with the likes of Biggie and 2Pac. The album reiterates a disjointed state of mind, reflecting dark emotions in the haunting single ‘Stan’ to the tongue and cheek humour in ‘The Real Slim Shady’, exposing the conflicting spectrum of his consciousness. Rappers often tend to be typecast, they are either renowned for their lyrical complexity and depth or they are the modern day jesters and their raps are mere parody, but Eminem sophistically entwines both. Arguably the best album released in the year 2000 and in fact the decade as a whole, the real Slim…

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