Hip Hop is the one place where minorities and the lost can come to gather and share something amazing. This Rap Doc is touching. Who wants to see it once it’s released?!

Ongaku & Stuff

Parker just recently retweeted this project documentary that he and other Korean artists are featured in. I honestly can not wait for this to come out. This documentary basically talks about what it’s like being an Asian rapper in America. I personally feel that Asian rappers don’t get enough credit because hip hop itself is a African American dominated culture/genre. Stereotypes are often in the way of their talent and the reason why they’re easier to “clown on” (I’ve watched a bunch of rap battles ever since I found out about Dumb). This is among one the primary reasons why I post a lot of Japanese hip hop music, there are a lot of talented Japanese rappers but no one knows. We’re always caught up on who’s the next million dollar rapper going to be, or who’s going to out do who, or anything gossip related (Twitter beef, diss raps…

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